Man Doors & Automatics

Serving the Greater Toronto Area since 1974

Man Doors

Man or “pass through” access doors provide convenience for access without having to open garage doors. We can change your door slab, door frame, transom and lights. We also supply, install, and service all door accessories, such as closures, hinges, panic bars, and lock sets. We can also add a man door to your overhead sectional door if required.

  • Convenient Access

  • Customize Installation

  • Many Accessory Options


We can help you make your business more accessible and therefore, more profitable, thanks to our selection of automatic doors. You can find a selection ranging from Barrier Free (for those with disabilities) to high speed/high cycle doors that travel at 48” per second.

If you’re worried about such a door getting stuck, you can rest assured that entrapment prevention devices will reverse them if an obstruction occurs. If you need to make a more “inviting” entrance, automatic doors are the place to start.

  • Disability Accessibility

  • Barrier Free

  • High Speed/High Cycle