Commercial & Residential Gates

Serving the Greater Toronto Area since 1974

Serving the Greater Toronto Area since 1974

Serving the Greater Toronto Area since 1974

Grizzly Door Systems is recognized in South Western Ontario as a leader in perimeter security gate solutions, automation, access controls, installation, and repair. We provide expert service and repairs to all models of gate openers e.g. FAAC, Nice, LiftMaster, GTO, Elite, Doorking etc. We also offer excavation and concrete gate foundation services.

Whether we are working on commercial driveway gates or residential driveway gates our goal is to improve security, ease of use and convenience with durable and reliable operation. Businesses and commercial buildings are frequently targets for robbery and break-ins. This leads to high insurance premiums, loss of valuable equipment and inventory, costly damage to storefronts and offices, and downtime due to repairs. While your alarm system may detect an intruder, physical security measures offer an additional level of protection. Our goal is to prevent break-ins. There are many different types of gates to choose from and it can be overwhelming to find the best one for your budget and needs. There are great benefits to each gate type, but there are also limitations due to installation issues, weather proofing, etc.

Security Gate

Accordion folding security gates are typically used on commercial and industrial properties that have a large facility to cover. This particular gate is ideal because it can be adjusted for size as you open or close the gate, due to the telescopic design. There are several benefits of having an accordion folding security gate, for instance, It can be adjusted to fit almost any size opening. It’s typically very easy to install. The design provides good protection for the storefront doors of shops and small businesses that need a clear span gate that can expand or retract as they close or open the door. Accordion folding gates are typically made of pre-galvanized steel/aluminum to make them weather-resistant for harsh climates.

Dock Gate

These are usually found in a warehouse or loading dock. Double door dock gates are the most common. They swing in and out for unloading and loadings of trucks and trailers. There is usually a small opening for foot traffic on one side. Dock gates can be opened by rotating them in their frame or by tilting the gate into rollers on either side of the opening.

Swing Gate

Marketed as a driveway gate, The swing gate is good for commercial and home use. It can be used with a removable (and replaceable) section on one side to allow foot traffic through. This type of gate has many standard features that can increase its functionality. These include intercoms, remote controls, security cameras, push buttons to lock/unlock the gate with a code or pin number and more.

Powered Gate

These gates are operated by a motor that is activated remotely, from an intercom panel or with a code. If you are in the market to buy a commercial power gate, please note that electricity is needed to run and the power supply must be uninterrupted during use. Sometimes solar panels can solve this problem if there is no access to a building's electrical system.

Roll-up Gate

A roll-up gate is operated by a cylinder or electric motor which turns gears that pull or lift the gate along its rail. It typically weighs several hundred pounds and requires some sort of installation support system to hold it in place.

Slide Gate

A cantilever slide gate is a great choice for small to medium-sized entrances of a business. The complete mechanism is suspended from the opening side of the gate, which protects it from the weather compared to other types of gates. There are many different types of cantilever slide gates on the market today. Sliding gates don't have additional parts but they do have moving parts that can wear out over time.

Pedestrian Gate

The pedestrian gate is a great option for residential gates. They are heavy, sturdy and difficult to force open. Pedestrian gates can be opened by key or remote control, and they usually close automatically after use.

Wrought Iron Gate

Wrought iron gates are a very popular choice for commercial and residential properties. Gate experts will tell you that wrought iron is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to gate materials because of its stylish design, durability, and stability.

Gate Automation

Gate automation includes intercoms, security cameras, keypads and other tools to open the gate from a distance. An automated gate can be opened with a code, intercom or remote control device. There are several options available. We not only install automatic gates but we also provide automatic gate repair services as well.