What keeps you up at night?

  • Do you have unwanted pests such as mice and rats in your building or garage?
  • Are you concerned about flies, moths, bugs, or birds contaminating your work environment?
  • Do you have problems with drafts, debris, or moisture blowing through the top, sides, or bottom of your doors?   
  • Are you worried about health inspections than can close your business or negatively impact your brand?  

We have a wide range of products and solutions that can not only reduce maintenance costs, improve health and safety regulatory compliance, and/or improve your employees’ work environment, increasing profitability. 

Grocery stores, packaging plants, food processing, paint manufacturing, bottling plants, printing plants and other facilities have found the benefits of working with us for professional, cost effective solutions.  We are problem solvers.  We will recommend the right product and can support you to help you sleep at night. 

Mice, rats, and other pests are everywhere, and public health departments will perform tens of thousands of rodent control inspections each year. Strict public health guidelines exist for good reason – rodents spread salmonella and other bacteria, carry diseases and parasites, and are capable of significant property destruction. The soft seals on overhead garage doors and roll-up doors provide little resistance to rats and mice and are one of the most common rodent entry points.

Many Solutions Exist:

  1. The Bottom Edge Brush is the first line of defence as rodents do not like the feel of the brush on their whiskers and will often resist trying to penetrate a small opening because of it. We can install this on the side jambs, top or bottom of your overhead door.
  2. The second line of defence against pesky rodents is a 3” soft bottom rubber weather seal from Xcluder® This patented seal fill fabric provides protection against gnawing rodents and is laminated to a durable outer gasket made of black EPDM synthetic rubber which is excellent in all temperature conditions (-50° to 350°F).  It also saves you money on heating and cooling expenses.
    Xcluder is the only rodent-proofing material available that has been tested and proven effective by the USDA/APHIS lab.
  1. The best option to keep rodents out is by installing both brush weatherseal with the Xcluder® seal for optimum protection

When the traditional bottom weather seal still does not fill a gap under an overhead door, we have an answer:  

  • Rubber draft blocker seal with larger crush factor than most products on the market to ensure that there are not any unwanted open areas under your doors and all gaps are covered to eliminate bugs and reduce drafts.

Do you want fresh air in your warehouse, better light, increased security, and employee comfort; all improving productivity?

  • Flex screen roll-up doors are the easy way to keep birds, flies, moths, mosquitoes, gnats, wasps, and other insects out while letting fresh air in!
  • In-jamb mount has a vinyl flap to seal the side gaps from insects, while a brush is attached to the bottom of the door to seal the gap when open
  • Replace mesh panels with vinyl or clear in the fall and winter to create a solid barrier from the cold.
  • Available with an electric motor, chain hoist or spring action,


Applications:  Grocery stores, food processing facilities, warehouses, manufacturing plants, loading docks etc.

Strip curtains work well for interior doors, loading docks, refrigerated areas, irregular openings, and more:

  • Vinyl strip doors allow for improved sanitation, help maintain temperatures, and can reduce heat loss by up to 90%, paying for itself in less than a year
  • Less expensive than conventional doors: no motors or moving parts and you can replace only individual strips as needed
  • Increases safety; allows workers to see approaching traffic in either direction
  • Reduces noise levels
  • Tinted and colored vinyl strip doors are also available for added privacy and reduced visibility
  • Anti-scratch ribbed strip doors offer greater durability against forklifts and machines

Touch-Free – cleaner, more hygienic, and safer than strip doors, impact doors and other physical alternatives.

  • Energy Savings all year round: keep cold air out in the fall and winter and keep warm air out in the summer.
  • Keep out dust, debris, insects, polluted air, and other elements.
  • Create a comfortable environment for employees and customers, increasing productivity, comfort, and profit.

Ideal for restaurants, supermarkets, retail stores, stock rooms, commercial kitchens, walk-in coolers, refrigerated areas.

  • Available in a full range of models and colours
  • Immediate energy savings
  • Keep out dust, debris, and other elements.
  • Create a comfortable environment for employees and customers, increasing productivity, comfort, and profit.

Ideal for warehouses, stock rooms, wash bays, body shops, weld screens and more.

  • Great alternatives to permanent walls
  • Easily portable and adjustable
  • Clear, opaque, and adjustable